SBYRA Summer #7 & #8

The finale of SBYRA Summer series was held October 13 & 14 in conjunction with SeqYC’s South Bay Championship. Because it is a two day race, we found it difficult to staff with enough crew, so each day of race we had only 5 crew instead of the typical 6-8 crew. On Saturday, we had Mark, Mike and Jack for crew and on Sunday, Mark, Tom and Kirby for crew. We left the harbor a little early to give us a chance to practice and also to just get settle down for the race as it has be a while since we’ve raced. The weather was unsettled the day before the race and on Saturday, it cleared up beautifully with the exception that it’s going to be a light wind day. We hanked on our 140 before the race and kept the halyard tension loose in anticipation of light winds. The start was postponed for 30 minutes because of light wind. We had a poor start and found ourselves back in the fleet. Our 140 genoa is the original sail that came with the boat, so it was quite blown out, but we were able to stay in sync with the wind pressure area and kept within striking distance of the fleet. On the downwind leg, the wind was still less than 5 knots for most of the leg and we drift/sailed with the spinnaker, reaching up when the pressure drops, and heading down when there’s a little more pressure. We rounded the leeward mark with Paradigm behind, but during the beam reach Paradigm caught up to us and then passed us. We rounded behind Paradigm and was not able to catch up before the finish. On Sunday, I decided to see if I can move the draft of the 140 forward by tensioning the halyard, while the shape of the sail improved, our pointing ability were not the same as Saturday and we suffered greatly by the lack of pointability. We finish behind Paradigm and it’s back to the drawing board to see if the boat needs to be tune differently to get a little better performance.