An Accomplished New Years Resolution!

Happy New Year! As tradition, we went out on New Years Day for a sail. In looking at the weather forecast during the days preceding the sail, I had anticipated a cold and partly cloudy day and indeed, at 1000 hour on New Years day, it did not inspire any urgency on my part to go out on the cold and foggy bay to go sailing. But tradition demanded certain sacrifice and besides, I had invited a few folks from work to come sailing as well and didn’t want to disappoint them in any case.

So Keith and I met up at Max’s Opera Cafe for a hearty lunch at 1100 hour and fortified ourselves with a substantial sandwich and headed to the marina at Noon. Since the guests is to arrive at 1300, we visited with Luther at his dock for a bit and arranged to meet out on the water later.


Just before 1300, the sun came out, burned all the fog away and we were blessed with a nice warm sun and clear skies. The only thing lacking now is the wind. Nonetheless, when our guest showed up, we prepared the boat to sail but took a sweep around the harbor and asked Torin to join us on a New Year sail.

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