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“…we grow toward our desire in the same way a flower grows toward the sun. We gain our ends not through seizure but affinity.”

– First You Have to Row a Little Boat… by Richard Bode

Welcome to Home Page Port of the Sailing Vessel MIST

The S/V MIST website was developed primarily as a repository of notes, journeys, specifications, modifications and links for my 38? auxiliary sloop MIST. It is a virtual ship’s log for the races and cruises that MIST has participated. This personal website is intended to share the experiences, journeys, ideas, and training resources with crews, friends and families as we learn to be better at racing, cruising and living.

If you are invited to crew on a sailboat race, check the racing link for the pre-race planning, crew responsibilities, weather, tides to help you prepare for the race. Or you can familiarize yourself with our racing crew role and script, race schedule, and how MIST is doing with the series scores and regatta results. Should you really want to know more about racing, sail trim and tactics, my sailing library titles are here online for you to reference as well as appropriate links to Amazon.com should you want to order a copy of your own.

If you are invited aboard MIST for a day sail or a cruise, this web site will provide you with information on directions to the marina and dock. It will also advise you on what to bring, and what to expect if you haven’t been on a sailboat before. You can also check on the latest weather forecast to help you plan your clothing for a day sail or the next journey out the Pacific. Lastly this site provides some background and owner’s notes on MIST. To prepare you for the trip and in case of emergencies here’s a link to first aid for hyperthermia. After your sail, check out the photo page and cruising page to view the photographs and read the ships log for highlights of the trip(s).

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